Adopting an older Basenji, one that had been rescued from a pound or animal shelter can have advantages. It can be very rewarding. Puppies need a lot of work; socialising and basic training and toilet training. They might be teething and we all know where that can lead! So you can immediately see why some people prefer an older dog that is hopefully out of the chewing faze and is toilet trained. However, occasionally, a adoptee might have some ‘issues’ that need to be worked through, often these are fear or anxiety based. With love and careful consideration issues can be worked through and the reward and satisfaction of doing so is enormous. Very often the bond between dog and human becomes very strong during the rehabilitation process. BRNA is totally upfront with our clients through the adoption process and will offer any assistance and backup required especially in cases where the ‘history’ of the Basenji is unknown.

Of course before you think of adopting a Basenji we recommend that you thoroughly research the breed. Make sure the breed fits your lifestyle, that you have the time that is required to look after a dog – a regular walk each day. Have you researched the cost of veterinary care; vaccinations etc. Have you thought about what will happen to your Basenji when you go on holiday; who will look after it and the cost of boarding? The cost of food and ensuring that the Basenji has a adequate kennel and shade if it is to be left outside during the daytime. Don’t be taken in by the fact that they don’t bark – the can make a lot of other noises and they can be very loud!

Make sure that you care conversant with the law when it come to responsible dog ownership

Having said all of that, if you are up for a challenge, a dog that is not your basic canine, one that can exasperate and and amuse all at the same time then the Basenji will certainly fit the bill.

  1. The first part of the adoption process is to complete the adoption application form
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and we will keep you details on file.
  3. Don’t forget to update your details as required by using the personal link that our system ¬†will email you.
  4. Once a Basenji, matching your application, finds itself in our care we will be in touch with you.
  5. We will discuss the prospect with you on the telephone.
  6. If you are keen to proceed we will send one of our representatives out to meet you.
  7. The meeting will take place at your home. During the meeting the representative will conduct a ‘facility check’ and will ask you questions. These questions may be ‘searching’ and sensitive but it is part of our process to ensure that the dog that is our care is found the very best home possible. Therefore, we make no apologies if you feel the questions are unreasonable.
  8. Before we meet you our team will be evaluating the Basenji’s temperament etc. We will also have taken DNA from the dog to be sent to America for testing for Fanconi Syndrome.
  9. If you are happy to proceed and the checks are to our satisfaction and once the fanconi syndrome status is known a contract is drawn up to be signed by you and the BasenjiRescueNet (VBBA).
  10. The contract has a cooling off period during which time you can opt to hand the Basenji back to us and receive a re-fund for any donation given for the adoption.
  11. If all goes to plan then you will have a wonderful companion for many years.
  12. We will generally make a follow up visit in the week before the cooling off period ends. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to take some photos of your new companion in his/her new home. And of course to answer and questions you might have – face to face.
  13. The assistance does not stop there. We will ensure that you are given quality back-up and assistance with any questions you might have. We answer any and every question thoroughly, no matter how silly you may feel it is. This back up is for the lifetime of your adoptee.

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