In 2012 the committee of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association (VBBA) saw a need for a National Basenji rescue and adoption service and website.  Thankfully, the number of Basenjis that find themselves looking for a new homes or that end up in an animal shelter or pound is relatively low. However, it was apparent to the VBBA committee that people looking for a Basenji to rescue were generally fairly parochial; only looking at local websites for Basenjis to adopt. In doing so there was a potential to ‘miss’ dogs in other jurisdictions. Hence the VBBA’s Basenji Rescue and Adoption Service was born in late 2012.

Donations and how they are spent
The VBBA has extremely strict rules pertaining to the use of monies that are donated to it:

  • all funds donated for Basenji Rescue as per Club Rul 30.3 can only be used for the purposes of Basenji rescue. For further information on how donations to our ‘rescue fund’ may be used in accordance with our Rules please refer to the expenditure section in our Rescue and Adoption Policy.
  • our accounts are completely transparent and members are regularly updated with accounting reports and have access to view the Clubs accounts.
  • we use funds carefully and dockets are required for expenses incurred during the rescue and adoption process. We pay our foster carers for their out of pocket expenses such as veterinary fees, food and travel (petrol reimbursement if requested; for collecting a rescue from its existing home; taking a rescue to a new home or to the vet) Where possible we use the services of GTE Dog Transport. In the event that air travel is required we utilize the services of a pet transport company such as Dogtainers or JetPets. Using a professional pet transport company means that a member of the VBBA does not travel with the dog; the VBBA determined this would be both costly and totally unnecessary.

Assistance and volunteers
If you are able to assist as a volunteer; with transport, foster carer etc click here.

Our thanks to GTE Transport
The VBBA sincerely thank GTE Transport for their kind assistance with transporting our most recent rescue, Jabari, from Young, NSW to Warrigal, Victoria, at a reduced rate. Being rested overnight in Bendigo he arrived in Warrigal unstressed having slept most of the way. This was a great weight of the minds of his old owner and his new owners.

Recent success stories
– renamed Rick was reluctantly relinquished because he needed more walks than his owner, who had undergone surgery, could give. A home was immediately available. And after transport was arranged all within 2 weeks, Rick moved from Victoria to Queensland where he lives with Neville.

Jabari – Jabari’s owner had a change of lifestyle which meant she traveled in remote areas and was concerned about Jabari consuming poisoned bait. His journey to his new home began from the bush outside Nyngan, NSW. His first overnight pit stop was at Young, NSW where the next day, GTE Transport collected him and transported him to Bendigo, Victoria for his second overnight pit stop. Then onto Warrigal to be collected by his new owner and then on to the final leg of his journey to meet his new family in Bairnsdale some 1500km later.

Jabari found a new home the same day as we were advised of his situation and within 2 weeks he was curled up on the couch with his new family. Thank you to all who assisted in the logistics of Jabari’s adoption.


Rashida had no association with her name so she has been renamed Lupa by her new owner. Doesn’t she look fantastic in her magnificent new coat?

Basenji Rescue Lupa


Basenjis found stray – Adopted



De-sexed female 11 years old – found in Wodonga, Victoria



De-sexed male 18 mths old – found in Streaky Bay, South Australia

Kebbi Appeal

For more information on Basenjis currently looking for homes click here

We cannot thank everyone who donated to our ‘Kebbi Appeal’ enough. Costs associated with his re-homing were considerable more than expected at $869.92. We are pleased to say that we have a total donation for the appeal of $884.50. Every dollar donated has been put towards associated costs; a list of payments for Kebbi’s re-homing can be seen here.


We continue to assist Basenjis around Australia. A small donation of just $5 will assist us to cover costs associated rescue and re-homing costs. Funds donated on this Basenji rescue and adoption website are held in a separate account by the Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc. and as per the Club rules these donations may only be directed to the Rescue/Adoption and Re-homing costs for Basenjis that come into need. Basenji rescue and adoption service – help us to help them

Donations can also be made direct to our Rescue Fund
Account: Victorian Basenji Breed Assoc Rescue Fund
Bank: National Australia Bank
BSB: 083596
Account: 397343916
If sending funds by EFT use reference: [Family Name – Donation] or just [Donation]
If you are specifically donating for Kebbi’s Appeal then use: {Family Name – Kebbi] or just [Kebbi]

Mission of the VBBA Basenji Rescue and Adoption Service: To facilitate the rescue, fostering and adoption of pure-bred Basenjis. To ensure that Basenjis that come into our care are found safe, secure and loving forever homes. To provide a support mechanism to the new and relinquishing owners.

Members of the VBBA have assisted other Basenji Club’s to find homes for their rescues. This cements ties between Basenji enthusiasts. It always gives great satisfaction to be find a forever home for a Basenji in need.

Through the Victorian Basenji Breed Association, Basenji Rescue Net Australia (BRNA) receive Basenjis that have been relinquished from their owner and also adopt, at the Club’s expense, Basenjis that found in animal shelters and pounds. BRNA has several foster carers who, when the need arises, will take in a Basenji until a suitable home is found. BRNA will also assist owners to find a home for their Basenjis whilst they are still in the owners care. You can read more about adopting a Basenji, its conditions and our service to would be adoptees here.

The Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc is a not for profit organisation interested in the promotion, care and wellbeing of Basenjis and the education of owners and general public in regards to this unique breed.

Basenji Rescue and Adoption service is proudly sponsored and managed by the

Victoria Basenji Breed Association Inc.

Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc