Although the number of Basenjis found in shelters or pounds is relatively small. In 2012 a group of Basenji enthusiasts; committee members of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association noticed that there was a potential for re-homing opportunities to be missed. It became evident, during a re-homing process, that even though several Clubs advertise dogs looking for adoption on their own websites potential new owners located in WA might not necessarily look for at a website in another state. The VBBA initiative to provide a ‘national’ website was soon conceived.

Our Mission: To facilitate the rescue, fostering and adoption of pure-bred Basenjis. To ensure that Basenjis that come into our care are found safe, secure and loving forever homes. To provide a support mechanism to the new and relinquishing owners.

Through the rewarding work in assisting Basenjis in need the VBBA team hope to extend our Basenji network and cement ties between other Basenji clubs and enthusiasts. It always gives great satisfaction to be find a forever home for a Basenji in need.

The Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc is a not for profit organisation interested in the promotion, care and wellbeing of Basenjis and the education of owners and general public in regards to this unique breed.