Without the support of people throughout Australia Basenji Rescue Net Australia (BRNA) would not be in a position to offer the service to Basenjis in need that it does. BRNA thank all the people who assist us no matter how small your involvement is – every small cog helps turn the large wheel!

BRNA would like to specifically thank the following people for their very generous monetary donations:

Gauci Family
Portelli Family
Bryant Family
Johnson Family
Precision Joinery, NT

Those who purchased our 2014 Basenji Calendar
Those who purchased our 2015 Basenji Calendar
Those who purchased our 2016 Basenji Calendar
Those who purchased our 2018 Basenji Calendar
Zeppellini/Goldstone Family
Saunders Family
Callinan Family
Hunt Family
Squires Family

Druce Family
Libimoff Family


Many donors have offered in-kind donations or have donated considerable time to this project. BRNA sincerely thank everyone involved including those that have offered assistance for the future.